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AI4MED is an organization that aims to bring knowledge about current and future Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies closer to medical students and clinicians. Its purpose is to spread information about AI in the healthcare industry and demystify many of the myths that surround it. AI4MED will accomplish this through a series of talks in which renowned experts will explain AI technologies in simple terms and resolve common doubts.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): a friend not an enemy to clinicians

Bilbao, Spain 

February 19, 2022


Prof.  Mihaela van der Schaar

Cambridge Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (CCAIM)


Dr. Manuel Desco Menéndez

Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañon


Javier de Oca Catalan

IOMED Medical Solutions



To introduce the current and future AI technologies used to improve healthcare that will become useful tools for clinicians in the near future.


To demystify AI technologies and clarify common and valid doubts that clinicians have about these new technologies and their impact.


An innovative proposal that will open new discussions in the field and is one of the first talk series on this topic aimed at a general audience.